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David Ellefson (Megadeth) Bass Solos

26 Oct

Dave Mustaine: “Holaaaaaaa Santiagooooo!”  😉


Band of the Week: Filthy Boy

13 Feb

If I were born in Victorian times and got lost down a dingy South London alleyway, Paraic Morrissey (aka lead singer of Filthy Boy) is the kind of guy I would like to bump into. With a rough, libertarian-esque manner, he sings with deep vocals that are made for either telling you a bedtime story or whispering naughty gestures in your ear. The latter is a good thing really, because most of Filthy Boy’s music is about sex; from masochism to old-people getting dirty. Paraic himself admits that getting to play ‘Biggest Fan Ever’ to his schoolmates during their final year was a “good moment” because he “got to sing fuck me up the arse” on their school stage. Ironically, the song is a little spoken-word-esque at times: ‘You can be daddy and I can be mummy/ Let’s pretend we are married and you can tell me you love me/ I just made the dinner and you say it’s lovely/I say thank you honey and that’s when you fuck me. You fuck me hard.’  Their latest songs follow a similar, story-telling theme. ‘Let’s join up the beds/ Let me watch you undress and then fold up your clothes,’  he sings in ‘Jimmy Jammies’, an ode to an elderly couple enjoying a rare night of pleasure. It’s crude and sadistic, but upheld with such catchy and mature guitar melodies, it’s charming. And so English.

Originally formed in 2009, Filthy Boy (Paraic and Michael Morrissey, Harry Weskin and Benjamin Deschamps) are already well-known on the London gig circuit, having already played the likes of the Macbeth, Queen of Hoxton and Brixton Jamm to name a few. Since 2012, the band’s profile has gradually risen with mentions in the NME and by BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe. They’ve gone on to support TOY, The Vaccines, Zulu Winter and Palma Violets. Now signed to Stranger Records (the label behind Lana Del Ray and Bo Keeney) and managed by Oh Mercy (behind Death Rays of Ardilla) their debut album ‘Smile That Won’t Go Down’ is  forthcoming (April 2013).

Next Gig: Monday 4th March 2013 at the Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, 2-4 Hoxton Square, London, England.





Band of the Week: Los Cripis

24 Dec

The DIY-community, self-production-mindset has always had a home in London, from the punk era of The Clash and Pistols, to the modern-day psycho-rock movement.  So it’s really refreshing to come across a band with a DIY mindset, from Argentina.

Apparently, in Peru, ‘Los Cripis’ means marijuana. In Spanish, it means ‘The Creepies’.

Josi and Nico started jamming together back in 2009, before thinking they should start a band. Devoid of a drummer, they started recording anyway and in 2010 put out their first album, called ‘Our First Album’ (reminds me of the baby book my sister made when her kid was born). Their second album, ‘FAT’ followed in 2011. This also spelled the birth of their self-made record-label ‘Fariscal Records’. Two albums and a record-label in, they thought it might be good to start doing live gigs. But first they needed a drummer – enter Marta.

Let’s stop and pause for a moment. The standard process in the ‘handbook’ of ‘how-to-create-a-band (there is no such thing worth reading, but let’s stick with the idea) is that you find a few mates you like jamming with (and that you don’t feel like smashing their heads in with your guitar), whose sound fits. Then you start to play a few songs, do a few recordings and perhaps start thinking about gigs. Right? So two albums in and no drummer, Los Cripis were going commando musically-speaking.

Like many bands and artists, however, there is no magical formula for success, sometimes it just happens.Their second gig in Buenos Aires, the trio meet a guy called Bruno who invites them to play the upcoming 1234-Shoreditch Festival. Thus begins their European tour 2012.

‘Los Cripis’ don’t ‘do’ fancy studios apparently; in fact they have a self-made recording space they call ‘Momia Studio’. It’s a room with all that is needed to make music; one computer, a microphone, an amp, guitars, a fan and…a cassette player. DIY, self-creation to the max. In the past three years Fariscal Records has expanded to put out more punk and experimental music from Argentina; listen-worthy bands Botanophobia and Gizmo amongst them. Most of it is free, from the Fariscal website; another nod to the free-sharing nature of DIY-everything. The next album for ‘Los Cripis’ is due out in 2013.

Some notable songs: ‘Yapa Ride’, ‘Breakfast’, ‘Angry Country’ and ‘Not Enough’ (from ‘Our First Album’) and ‘Fondue de Jesus’, ‘My Face is Funny’, ‘Angry Man’, ‘Refrigerator’ and ‘Ghettoblaster’ (from FAT).

Apoyo a los:

Fariscal Records: http://fariscal.com.ar/

Los Cripis: http://www.facebook.com/loscripiss.

Band of the Week: A Black People

15 Dec

Like grunge? Like punk? Listen up. A Black People have already had a few posts amongst the music-blogger community, yet the band’s social media/web presence is near-nothing. Have a listen and then get a free download.