Verdena – Il Suicido dei Samurai

30 Nov

Il Suicidio dei Samurai is the third album by the Italian alternative-rock band Verdena, released in 2004. In total, Verdena, an Italian alternative rock band originating from Albino, Bergamo have released six full-length albums, no less. Brothers Alberto (guitarist) and Luca Ferrari (drummer), unsurprisingly, had been playing together for ten years. With the addition of Roberta Sammarelli (bassist), they formed the band and in 1999 had their debut ‘Verdena’. Appearing on the  Il Suicidio del Samurai (which translates as “Samurai’s Suicide”) was also  Fidel Fogaroli, a keyboardist, though he would later leave in 2007 to pursue his own projects. The album’s second record “Luna” has been one of the band’s notable releases.

Verdena’s songs are always sung in Italian, with the exception of some covers, such as (“Reverberation” by 13th Floor Elevators, “Sunshine of Your Love” by Cream), “(His Latest Flame) Marie’s The Name” by Elvis Presley, “Harvest” by Neil Young and “Creepy Smell” by Melvins), as well as an original song called “Perfect Day”.

A mixture of rock, grunge and psychedelia, they are well-known on the Italian music scene. With influence drawing from the Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana (Il Suicido dei Samurai is a nod toward Nirvana/Fecal Matter’s ‘Samurai Suicide/Anorexorcist’)) and Yuck, this is some good shit.

Listen here:


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