Slint – Spiderland

26 Aug

Okay, not gonna lie. It was the album cover that first attracted me to ‘Spiderland’, by Slint. But okay, hey! Music-lovers alike will be familiar with the influence of iconic album/vinyl art. FYI, I am not implying that ‘Spiderland’ is iconic. Musically, I wouldn’t state that it is. Actually, ‘musically’ (okay, so defining this with respect to music theory) it’s fairly juvenile. Listening back to it, it’s what I would ‘classically’ (again, another over-used phrase, I know) refer to as a ‘stoner’ album; that is, in no more complex terminology, an album to get ‘stoned’ to, or hook up with someone, or fall in love to. It’s an album that can be enjoyed when you don’t really want to think too much (that is, assuming you ever want to think too much); but it’s not an album for those looking for musical complexity.

‘What do you think defines ‘Spiderland’ then?’, I hear you wonder in the depths of your subconscious (or not, as the case is more likely to be). What makes me listen to the album again?  Well, the first response I would give is: the album-cover? NSS. After all, this is the first thing that got me listening to it at all. What else? Not the complexity, but it’s light-heartedness. From moments of quiet, slow melody, it blasts into unexpected (albeit simple) riffs that set my soul on fire. It’s awesome. Everytime I listen to it, I get emotional. My point? Music doesn’t haven’t to be complicated to be good. I love complicated music, but sometimes also music doesn’t need mental dissection. For that purpose, ‘Spiderland’ is well worth considering.

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With love from London,


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