David Ellefson (Megadeth) Bass Solos

26 Oct

Dave Mustaine: “Holaaaaaaa Santiagooooo!”¬† ūüėČ


Syd Arthur -‘Sun Rays’

4 Jul

Syd Arthur release a new track ‘Sun Rays’, ahead of October 21st album release.¬† Listen below:


‘Syd Arthur’ is brothers Liam Magill, Joel Magill (bass, vocals), and Josh Magill (drums) and Raven Bush (violin, keyboards, mandolin). Formed in Canterbury, England, in 2003, the band has explored the myriad possibilities of improvisation, taking an exceptional approach born of prodigious musicianship, elemental song-craft, and an unabashed spirit of adventure. They have released three albums so far, including 2014‚Äôs Sound Mirror.

Syd Arthur will tour with Jake Bugg in the US in September 7th. Prior to that, they will perform at Bushstock and Glastonbury Festivals, as well as playing a headline show at London’s Electrowerkz on 13th July.

EVVOL -‘Physical L.U.V’ Video

28 Jun

Since returning from European live runs with both¬†Peaches¬†and¬†YACHT, Berlin-based darkwave-pop duo¬†Evvol¬†have spent the past few months holed up in their Kreuzberg studio writing the follow-up to last year‚Äôs critically acclaimed debut¬†‚ÄėEternalism.‚Äô¬†‚ÄėPhysical L.U.V‚Äô (!K7 Records)¬†is the result –¬†a dense, ethereal and very personal EP, documenting the physical and emotional comforts and constraints of love.

“We feel ‘Physical L.U.V’ is a pop song for 2016, a truth-telling story about motivations and expectations, and we wanted a video to match that.¬†Produced in rural Germany, our short film tells the story of Luka, a genderqueer teenager whose everyday life consists of creating creamy ice-cold milkshakes in a gym and taking good care of the equipment. The story begins when Luka hitches a ride from a farmer in a tractor after work and encounters his daughter. Back at her parents’ dairy farm, they experience a special kind of ‘Physical L.U.V.‚Äô‚ÄĚ Evvol

Formed in 2014 from the ashes of previous musical projects and having rekindled their fractured relationship,¬†Evvol¬†– AKA Irish singer¬†Julie Chance¬†and Australian multi-instrumentalist¬†Jane Arnison¬†– embarked on a new and revitalised direction. Debut full-length¬†‚ÄėEternalism‚Äô¬†was the sound of commercial pop fused with arty electronica, dripping with industrial charm and evoking Berlin‚Äôs seedy underbelly.¬†Under a former moniker they have previously toured the world with¬†Austra, and shared the stage with¬†Grimes, Peaches¬†and¬†TRUST.

Less than a year after announcing their debut album to the world,¬†Evvol¬†look set to pick up the electronic-pop mantle and make 2016 their own. They play¬†The Garage¬†in London on¬†14th May¬†to mark the release of¬†‚ÄėPhysical L.U.V.’

Watch the video here:

THE ALBUM LEAF – ‘Between Waves’

22 Jun

THE ALBUM LEAF¬†have been making their mark steadily since 1999. One year after forming the influential San Diego instrumental group Tristeza, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Jimmy LaValle founded¬†THE ALBUM LEAF, a solo studio project turned¬†full-fledged live band. Over time,¬†THE ALBUM LEAF¬†(now based in Los Angeles) has grown from¬†a side-project¬† to LaValle’s¬†main focus. The project‚Äôs first releases,¬†An Orchestrated Rise To Fall¬†(1999) and¬†One Day I‚Äôll Be On Time¬†(2001), intertwined field recordings, Rhodes piano, and a nuanced treatment of texture with¬†mature songwriting and dense, evocative atmospheres.

Following a European and a second US tour with Sigur Rós, LaValle left Tristeza to devote his full attention to THE ALBUM LEAF. In 2016, the band partnered with renowned label Relapse Records for the release of the group’s sixth studio album and first since 2010’s A Chorus Of Storytellers (Sub Pop).

Jimmy LaValle
Matthew Resovich
Brad Lee
David LeBleu

Suicidal Tendencies (1983)

15 Jun

‘Suicidal Tendencies’ was the debut album by American thrash band of the same name. Released in July 1983 through Frontier Records, it was a bestseller at the time. Standout tracks are: ‘Suicide’s an Alternative/You’ll Be Sorry’, ‘Suicidal Failure’ and, of course, ‘Institutionalized’ (the only single released on the album). The cover features an image of the band members (at the time, Mike Muir, Mike Ball, Carlos Egert on drums and Mike Dunnigan on bass) hanging upside down.

Listen here:

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Lars Ulrich Interview (1992) (Rapido TV)

1 Jun


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Retrospective Review: Sonic Youth – ‘Confusion is Sex’

25 Dec
Sonic Youth - Confusion is Sex Album Cover (Source Discog)

Image Source: Discogs.com, http://bit.ly/1YigbJD.


  • 1983 debut album from Sonic Youth on no-wave/post-punk label Neutral Records (headed by Glenn Branca). Neutral Records would later go on to release records by the Swans;
  • The only song that Lee Ranaldo plays bass on is the second track ‘Protect Me You’, a gothic-like, haunting drone melody that lingers on Gordon’s vocals ‘Protect me from ravagement/I’m ten years old/ I don’t know what I do/ Protect me myself’. The song is around six minutes in length;
  • The front cover of the album displays a sketch of guitarist Thurston Moore by bassist Kim Gordon;
  • Parts of the song use a ‘prepared guitar’ technique, which lends the screeching, metallic tones, grounded by the bass.


The first official studio album from Sonic Youth was put out on nu-wave, post-punk outlet Neutral Records in 1983. Arguably one of their best albums (certainly so, if you compare with every subsequent album between 1985-1988), ‘Confusion is Sex’ is littered with grunge, prepared-guitar riffs that sometimes thrill (cover of The Stooges ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’) and sometimes haunt (‘Protect Me You’). The album was initially released following Sonic Youth’s first tour with label-mates the Swans.

‘Protect Me You’ Lyrics:

Protect me from ravagement
I’m ten years old
I don’t know what I do
Protect me myself

I’m fourteen
There’s nothing to do
Protect me yourself
I’m sixteen

Protect me from starving
I’m eighteen
Protect me you
I don’t know what you do

Protect me demons
That come at night
I don’t know what they say
They’re whispering over

Sends the night air away
And makes me forget
I hope they come
Again and again

Huh they come
Again and again
I hope they come again
Again, again

Listen here:
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